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We co-create the introduction, implementation, and adoption of Microsoft Power Platform solutions with and through people.


Values-Driven, Collaborative Consulting

dKomplex IT specializes in Microsoft Power Platform implementations and re-implementations. We simplify the complex and create solutions that your users understand.

Microsoft Power Platform Development

WHO is dKomplex iT

dKomplex is DVBE certified
Family Friendly Employer certified by Bright Beginnins and Monerey Peninsula Chamber of Commerce
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Government Codes:

NAICS Codes: 541613(p), 541612, 541611, 541620, 541618, 541910, 541720, 41690, 813410, 813319, 611430, 928120, 55120

Adult Education Course

WHAT people SAY

“Less time spent dealing with a database and MORE time spent where it matters most-with the clients!”


—  Training Manager

New York Criminal Justice Agency

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