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In-Demand Skills, Work Experience, and Mentorship with a Monterey Startup

dKomplex, Inc. Seeks Local Students for Internship Program

Monterey, CA (September 1, 2018) dKomplex, Inc. has launched an internship program aimed at delivering a meaningful work experience to young people while contributing to the field of Dynamics 365 consulting. dKomplex, Inc. is start-up based in Monterey, California where CEO Justin Loza set out in 2017 to create an organization that focuses on improving client employee engagement with technology. The company has grown to four employees and has established a strong partnership with DevBlue Research, LLC. to provide enterprise-level expertise with start-up competitiveness. The two companies combined have a deep bench of committed consultants across the country. Justin aimed to create an internship that is valuable to students while training them to operate effectively in teams and learn technical aspects of Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementations and business development.

Brian Hughes, former CSUMB student said "dKomplex is a safe, friendly, and teamwork focused environment." He describes his internship with dKomplex as very positive and filled with hands-on experience. “I have had an excellent opportunity to gain skills and experience”, says intern Amber Clark of CSUMB. Since the internship ended Brian has secured a position with Deloitte Consulting and Amber was offered a part-time consulting position with dKomplex.


So how exactly can dKomplex benefit you as a student? The experience you will gain is invaluable to your short and long-term career goals. Showing up to a potential employer with startup experience will go a long way to help students be more competitive in the job market. The dKomplex internship program can valuable to those who study computer science, business, English, public administration, communications, and others. Here, you can learn real life transferable skills such as working in teams, improving your technology knowledge in an increasingly paperless world, and learn how a real-life startup functions.


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About dKomplex

dKomplex, Inc. is a veteran owned, minority owned, small business headquartered in Monterey, California and was established in May 2017. dKomplex specializes in helping clients leverage cutting-edge technology and social science to solve complex problems, achieve goals and sustain a high-performing, learning organization.

dKomplex, Inc. offers services in facilitation & training and digital transformation & technology. We have experience with the United States federal government and commercial clients in a variety of organizational environments which include, human resource management, financial services, cyber-security, healthcare, and publishing.

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