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We define and teach leadership in the most practical terms because it is the single most critical factor in how a team or an organization performs.

We unreservedly define leadership in the following way: 

Leadership is getting other people to go along with you, and each other, in a direction you have set, and to function in volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous (VUCA) environments using their full competence and commitment.

“How exactly does one get other people to go along with him or her, and each other, with their full competence and commitment”? 


This is precisely the question that we believe must be clearly, completely, and practically addressed in any credible leadership development system, curriculum, and/or program. 

Providing practical and common sense answers to this most central of leadership-related questions is at the center of our working lives and it is the “secret sauce” that differentiates us from most of the rest of the leadership development industry.

In our managerial leadership development work we teach managerial leaders and/or people who aspire to become managerial leaders about this very special role including:

  • The accountabilities and authorities of a manager 

  • Team-working 

  • Context setting  

  • Planning and assigning tasks 

  • Capability including: Current Potential Capability (CPC), Current Applied Capability (CAC), and Future Potential Capability (FPC) and their uses in organizations 

  • Personal Effectiveness Appraisal 

  • Induction and coaching, and 

  • Organization-specific managerial leadership practices 

dKomplex’s Leadership Development practice is led by Dr. Jerry Eppler, former Dean of Training at the United States Army’s Organizational Effectiveness Center & School (OEC&S) at Fort Ord, California (1975-1985) where 1,800+ organizational effectiveness practitioners were trained and deployed throughout Army organizations worldwide

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