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WHO is dKomplex


We’re all about the ever-present challenge of unlocking and enabling potential, yours, our own, and our client’s. We’re specialists in developing and implementing Microsoft Power Platform solutions. We’re also specialists in human dynamics. Combining these, not only do we build the system of your dreams but we do it in such a way ALL of your people can actually use the new tools to exceed your expectations. That’s our “secret sauce.”


The work we do begins with the mindset we embrace, embody, and cultivate, which is best described as an unswerving disposition toward possibility. Possibility in co-creating technical solutions, and possibility in summoning peoples’ courage and creativity to help shape those solutions.


We believe that by getting the right people in the room, clearly communicating the task, vividly describing the desired outcome, and then challenging them to use all of their know-how, anything can be accomplished.


We co-create the introduction, implementation, and adoption of Microsoft technology solutions with and through people.


To support clients with Microsoft technology, effective communication, and people know-how to solve problems, and unlock performance.


Curiosity: Understanding situations thoroughly from multiple perspectives.

Diversity: Encouraging diversity of thought, opinion, and action.

Communication: Giving and asking for feedback.

Learning: Learning and development for everyone.

Service Excellence: Providing peerless customer service.

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