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dKomplex IT Empowers Student Interns to Co-create dAVE, powered by OpenAI

MONTEREY BAY, CA — dKomplex IT, a leading technology solutions consultancy, proudly announces a groundbreaking collaboration between its team of developers and a group of nine talented student interns from California State University, Monterey Bay (CSUMB). Together, they have achieved a remarkable feat, bringing to life dAVE , the dKomplex Automated Virtual Engineer, a cutting-edge tool that harnesses the power of OpenAI's API and will redefine the way dKomplex operates.

dAVE represents a leap forward in software innovation, enabling businesses to extract valuable insights from meeting transcript data. This advanced solution automates the analysis of meeting records, streamlining decision-making processes, and boosting overall productivity. Not only does dAVE provide organizations with automated record analysis, but it also delivers actionable information and key takeaways that can dramatically boost operational efficiency.

The concept behind dAVE originated from a simple idea as shared by dKomplex founder and CEO, Justin Loza, of a virtual assistant capable of retrieving notes from past meetings. However, with the collaboration of the CSUMB student interns, the project quickly expanded to utilize embeddings, enabling the AI to answer questions based on the transcript data.

During a technical demonstration attended by clients, community members, and the student team's instructors, Justin Loza expressed his excitement about the transformative impact of dAVE on dKomplex's operations.

"This is revolutionizing the way we work at dKomplex," he said.

Loza also praised the exceptional talent of the student interns and conveyed his desire to support their career aspirations.

"These nine students are workforce ready in my mind, and they're actively looking for jobs. If I could, I'd hire them all,” he said. “I believe that each one is extremely valuable and is a productive member of the team overall."

Colby Medeiros, one of the student interns, shared reflections during the technical demonstration, highlighting the exposure to DevOps engineering as a significant departure from the typical software engineering path. Medeiros stated, "As computer science students, we are often directed toward software engineering, but this project provided us with valuable experience in a different career path. It was a great opportunity to broaden our skills."

"I learned that there is more than one way to create something,” student intern Aryana Buelna said. “I think that was a main takeaway—that there are different solutions to a lot of things."

This successful collaboration between dKomplex IT's developers and CSUMB student interns underscores the company's commitment to fostering innovation and nurturing young talent. It exemplifies dKomplex's dedication to providing a platform for learning, growth, and exploration of diverse career opportunities within the technology industry.

Looking ahead to this summer, dKomplex is already planning their next collaborative project, dHUNTR: the Data-driven High-Performance Unified Network for Talent Research.

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