Summary Section I. Allegations, and Potential Misinformation About Compromising Information

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

The committee investigated the possibility of compromising material being collected on Trump during two trips he took to Moscow. The first, in 1996, involved rumors of relationships with women that have been propagated by David Geovanis, who has ties to multiple Russian oligarchs. In 2013, two separate allegations of a video of Trump engaging in some kind of compromising activity have been rumored. The first comes from a Marriott International executive who overheard other executives discussing a video of Trump and multiple women in the elevator of the Ritz Moscow. The second comes from Sergey Khokhlov who overheard two people talking about a potential video of Trump. This information got back to Michael Cohen who claimed that multiple people had come to him over the years with alleged tapes of Trump, but no proof was ever offered. The committee was aware of a fake video of Trump circulating the internet. The committee found the Ritz Moscow to be a high counterintelligence risk environment due to the likely presence of Russian intelligence, and the certain presence of prostitutes.

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